Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I need to pay for the tuition?
The fees for tuition can be between $20/h to $150/h depending on the level and subject as well as the expertise required. Our tuition rates are competitively priced according to the current market rates.
Do I have to pay any agent fees?
Our services are completely free for parents and students. The tutors will be paying the agency fees which will be around 50 percent of the first cycle of lessons.
How do I pay for the lessons and the agency fee?
We accept various modes of payment including online transfer, cheque, and cash. For the agency fee, you can net off 50 percent of the first cycle of lessons and pay the remaining to the tutor. For subsequent cycles, you may pay the tutor directly in any method preferred by both parties.
Do I need to sign any contract?
There are no contracts and obligations until you agree to engage our tutors. When any assignment is confirmed, there are guidelines to follow to ensure that both the student and tutor can have a smooth and rewarding experience.
What if the tutor is not suitable?
Students’ learning is our main priority. You may approach us to find a replacement after you have terminated the current tutor. You only need to pay only for lessons conducted within the cycle.
Why do different tutors charge different fees?
The rates are determined by market forces. Each tutor sets their own prices depending on their qualifications, experience, and many other factors. However, our experienced coordinators will negotiate with the tutors to obtain fees which are always fair and within market rates.
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